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How to allow port and remotely connect to Management Studio on RHEL?

Today I will demonstrate how to allow default port 1433 after installation in order to remotely connect to Management Studio.

"First of all, you have to connect as root user on your Linux machine!"

In Red Hat please run following comand for allow deafult port 1433 for SQL Server:

Set rule has been updated successfully!

Now, we can open SSMS and try to connect remotely from windows desktop:

You have to know following thins for connnection:

  • Know IP address of your Linux Red Hat machine - ip addr

  • Know number of SQL Server port - Default is 1433

  • Know password of SA SQL Login

Connect to Server
Connect to Server

As you can see, we have connected successfully.

I know, it was very short post. I hope that you learned something new.

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