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How to change the port for SQL Server on Linux?

After installation is TCP port for SQL Server set to 1433, by default. Now, I will show you - How to change TCP port for SQL Server on Linux, we have to know only one command for change TCP port and after that, we have to provide restart of SQL Server service. The following command can use for each Linux distribution, such as RHEL, Ubuntu and SUSE.

"First of all, you have to connect as root user on your Linux machine!"

Now, we are ready for change TCP port, run following command:

As you can see, in my case, I set TCP port 1500. to apply the change, you have to restart SQL Server service with following command:

If you need verify changed port you can use two options:

1. Connect to SQL Server:

2. Use this command in BASH:

If you need to connect to your Managament Studio, read these posts below:

See you later!

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