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Set the Memory limit for SQL Server on Linux

After installation SQL Server on Linux si Memory for SQL Server set on 80% of the total physical memory, by default. This command is usefull for all Linux Distribution, such as Ubuntu, RHEL and SUSE. Let's get start:

My Linux Machine is running on VirtualBox, RAM Memory is set to 10240 MB.

So, It means that SQL Server can use only 8192 MB, we will adjust the limit and add 1024 MB more for memory.

"First of all, you have to connect as root user on your Linux machine!"

If you switch to root user, we are ready to modify limit of memory, run following command:

Right now we can provide restart of SQL Server service by following command:

Whole process looks like that:

And that's it! I know "EASY-PEASY"! See you next time!

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